On the Other Side of the Torah. Wartime Portraits from Tubingen

The exhibition is centered around two unusual relics from the Second World War, recently discovered in the town of Tübingen, Germany: portraits of a uniformed Wehrmacht soldier and of his wife, both images painted on the back of Torah scrolls. The exhibition will be the first time that these objects have been exhibited since their discovery in Tübingen in 2010, and the first exhibition of its kind ever held in Poland.

In addition to key informational texts and translations of the Torah fragments in English, Polish and German, the exhibition features audio and video commentary from a range of perspectives, communities, nationalities and age groups – Jews, Catholics, Protestants, secular humanists, Poles, Germans, Americans, Israelis, old and young, Holocaust survivors, rabbi and seminary student, artist and journalist.

Opening: Thursday, 06.09.12, 18.00.